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Friday, April 14, 2006

Technology is great. It helps us do things faster and more accurately. It connects people and groups that otherwise wouldn't find each other. On the other hand, I can understand why a lot of people are afraid of it or don't want to take any part of it. Whenever a new technology gets adopted by the masses someone ends up doing something that is still illegal but now much easier to do. Or people find a way to do something that the technology wasn't ment to do that offends people. The examples are numerous: internet piracy, looking at porn on the library computer, upskirt camera phone pictures. Again, people in Japan are doing something that people find unsettling with their phones. This is not illegal and most of them have no problem with it. At a open-casket funeral as people walk by the deceased they each take turns snapping a picture of their dead friend with their phones. And these are not pictures of the funeral itself. These are face shots of a dead face, eyes closed and all. This is a little disturbing to me but I enjoy these little acts of using technology in a way that it wasnt intended. No camera phone designer thought, 'now people can take pictures of dead people without feeling as weird about it!'
Nonetheless, I am not going to stop using tech. I love that because of these new technologies people have to think critically about how they use their things more now than ever before. Should I download this movie that isn't even in theatres yet? Should I put all of my calendar information on my phone and risk losing it? Should I take a picture of my dead friend on my phone? Were all on this rollercoaster together and no one knows where it will lead. Hint: The Singularity? Its going to be an exciding lifetime.


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