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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A blog on blogging.
Now that a blog is created every 10 seconds certain things have been happening. Some are good and some are bad. Recently, I read about a republican congressman had written an article about how great and safe Bagdahd is now. He posted a picture of a street corner. A day later multiple people had called him out on the picture being from a different country. This is the good side of blogging. The bad side is that the bloggosphere (which is a lame name) is a great big rumor-mill. A tech website recently noticed something fishy about the website The site is user posted articles which can be dugg which raises them in level to get to the front page. It was the first of its kind. The tech website noticed that a lot of stories were being dugg by the same 16 people in a row everytime which wouldn't happen. If a post is submitted and then dugg that much in the first moment it is on the site it gets raised to the front page. Someone had made 16 fake usernames and set up a little script to dig them in a row to make them on the front page. Anyone could have done this. However, Keving Rose, the creator of was instantly blamed for it. The bloggosphere excreted slander against the poor guy. WTF? We have yetr to find out what really happened. In times like these I feel like bloggers should wait to speak. Its so easy to write some crap about anything and post it (even though its doesn't seem like my class mates can handle it) without thinking about the consequences.
All i'm saying is be warry bloggers. Don't blog more than you know. You Digg?


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