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Saturday, April 29, 2006

American Inventor: A Blessing or a Curse?
It certainly seems to be the right time to be an industrial designer. Why? Because people are starting to know what that is. Design is all over TV. The new series American Inventor is a spin off of American Idol. I thought it would be interesting but it turns out only bad inventors are allowed on. Who will be the next great American Inventor? Will it be the woman who made a clip that closed stall doors when the lock is broken on them? Or the umbrella that folds up the opposite way? Who cares? The most interesting thing I found watching the show was that there must be a lot of CEO's and other business people watching this show and seeing how brutal the judges are to the inventors. I just hope my future "judges" do not take these famous judges approach and scratch any ideas that are not comfortable to them. Maybe I will start saying, 'you know that show American Inventor? Yeah I do that but I don't waste 100,000$ and 17 years on a boardgame. Oh and I make products that don't SUCK. Nonetheless, I still have been watching the show for some reason.


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