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Monday, March 27, 2006

What is Web 2.0?
Once again I am here to post a pleasant commentary about the future. My girlfriend doesn't think complaining about a different product every post if good enough. The term 'Web 2.0' has been floating around the net recently but very few people have a good idea of what it actually is. Do I have to upgrade? Does it cost extra?
In my words, Web 2.0 is a shift in page design not specifically in one direction. It is just the next step in the evolution of the internet. The interesting part may be that there is a word for it. It has been branded by America and there was a conference. Sadly, the conference made people realize that all the people that are obsessed with this distinct new internet are in fact the people who lost it all in the first dot com bust and still are hanging on to the dream. anyway....
Flickr is Web 2.0 because of its picture 'tags' which is are rletavely new way to find information. (Yahoo! Just bought Flickr and realized the bandwidth fees are enormous and the site is not profitable since it is free and only 80 people buy pictures from Flickr a month! Due Yahoo! WTF?) Hopefully they won't kill it because that would be a bad PR move. Google is Web 2.0 because of its clean look with bold type depending on the hyperlinks status on the page.
Blogging is Web 2.0 is Web 2.0
However, the most interesting web 2.0 stuff happening are sites like The site uses java and Ajax to create a free word processor on the net that you don't have to download or even register for. Go check it out. Its pretty cool. Web based software is the newest form of Web 2.0 I have seen and it will be interesting to see what kind of business model it will need to take off. So far programs over the net have been free or have failed. Keep a look out for this stuff and with the open source model for software becoming more prevelent thanks to innovative people who just want to see what a software can do that the producers haven't thought of.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

squeezebox wireless

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Here is an example of what happens when you design without whole system thinking. A elegantly designed stereo with a default remote. WTF?
Apple's keynote addresses with Job's selling the experience like there's no tomorrow is an amazing new marketing scheme. The new macbookpro is introduced and a cheer arrises from the thousands of shareholders, mac addics, software developers, etc. The news that apple is coming out with news about apple has even become news itself. everyone in the tech industry has wild speculations. For example, the last address was about "fun new products from apple" People thought it would be a new video ipod with a large touchscreen or maybe an ipod with wireless connectivity or anything else every other media player has. WTF? The event showed of a 100$ leather ipod case, and a 350$ ipod home stereo speaker as well as media center style mac minis. No one cared. Who wants an ipod cover that you have to take your ipod out of before u can use it or drop it? Who wants to listen to 128bit mp3s on a really expensive hifi set which should be playing higher bit rates so that all that expensive hardware is accutally used?
Another thing Apple is know for is leaking rumors about a new product intentionally to test the waters. A great idea, free research. Everyone is podcasting about the new idea and you havent even designed the widget yet! Recently, Microsoft had taken Apple's idea (nothing to new) and leaked their new "origami project". Sounds enticing huh? They have a ID 4 studio looking website about it and a video of people using this new handheld tablet that's smaller than a normal tablet. People were speculating about it just like Microsoft wanted, if only secretly, but Microsoft blew it. They came out and said, 'yeah its a tablet pc w/ gps and stuff isnt that cool!?' and the hubbub died. They needed to stay quiet but they couldn't. Oh well, when is the last time anyone can remember any rumors about MS hardware?
I think we are beginning to see a new marketing style. Stay on the lookout. Will people tire of Steve Job's and his MICROSOFT powerpoint presentations after they keep having more to do with upgraded hardware (since you cant do it yourself on a mac) and Belkin accessory brand products than actually new products. Time will tell.