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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today at the bank's outdoor ATM's there were 3 people in line behind someone getting money out of the ATM. They were fidgeting and looking like they were in a hurry. 2 of the ATM's were vacant. I asked the person in front of me what was wrong with the other 2 machines and she said, "That one won't give no cash, and the other one is in the sun." These people didn't want to stand in the sun? I realized it was because the screen was bleached out because of the sun's glare. So what did I do in all of my Industrial Design wisdom? I stood in front of it. No glare! It must be a miracle from the catholic church! I got some cash, and left those losers to rot.
So, I was left wondering? Is this a design problem that IDers should address? Or is this a problem that has to do with cracked out people in my neighborhood not knowing about how light travels? WTF?
Day after day I say aloud to myself, "How does a designer make this easier for this person?" Of course, the person struggling to open the milk carton or adjust their seat doesn't like me saying this which proves that people don't like when their products don't work 100% intuitively. There must be a middleground
bad design kills, mediocre design frustrates/denigrates
Then again, there are a lot of people that can't control their fingers as well as their primate heritage suggests.


  • At 6:19 PM, Blogger Steve Portigal said…

    Years ago I encountered an ATM in the sun - it was hard to read (and yeah I tried changing where I stood) plus the little silver buttons were finger-burnin' hot. I got very self-righteous and called the bank when I got to the office and let them know about it. I think I tried to offer some cred by describing my user-interface professional role, of course they had no idea what that ways, so I just sounded like an irate idiot. I was trying to sound like a designer, not a customer, but of course, you can't call the customer line and get that reaction. Not easily, I guess.

    Great stuff.

  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger Danyel said…

    i HATE when that happens. the sun thing.


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