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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

iPod, SLVR, RAZR, MaxxBass, inMotion iMplus = WTF?
My girl says my blog is all ranting and maybe it is but this capitalization 1337 h4x0r stuff has to stop! Nerds do this because they are poking fun at their nerdyness. Your product will NOT be the next iPod if you start with a lowercase letter followed by an uppercase. We know your company wants to be like the cool kids but by just copying their symantics only just proves you're a N00b. (my guess is altec lansing, motorola, and other perps don't know what that means which means you shouldnt be using this dumb ) The new Motorola SLVR,for example. It's color is what? SiLVeR. correct. How do you say it? ...sliver. because its small. I thought it was silver for too long. LoL brb afk j/k, rofl! I should note that the title of my blog is one of these time-saving 2000isms so i suppose i cant judge. Nonetheless, naming your product something that people have to decifer is not a sound technique.


  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Steve Portigal said…

    Good rant. I wonder if the belief is that by creating in "inside" name, people who "get it" will feel cooler than those that don't. Heh heh, their customers will think, my Mom doesn't know what the heck this is, therefore I'm cool.

    As much as we always want to design stuff that people can figure out, there's something interesting that happens if you create opportunity for people to figure it out just a little bit more than everyone else - seems to build a good relationship if your customers choose to be slightly more loyal.

    I'm not suggesting that ROKN SPLNG is the way to achieve that, hOWVR.


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