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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I received a 19$ cell phone case for my trendy new Razr phone for Christmas. It was a nice present but it illustrates a design flaw I see a lot. Especially in after-market separate brand add-ons. (For lack of a better term) The design is stylish, black synthetic rubber with white stitching. It came with 2 separate designs of belt clips. One black and one clear. (dell and mac inspired?) However, the problems come when trying to use the phone with the case on it. With the case off the outside screen can be read when the phone is tilted at the right direction. This is excellent because you don’t have to push a button which requires an extra step and this also reduces the battery charge over time. With the clear plastic coating over this screen it is almost impossible to see it without pressing a button to backlight the LCD. The button that you have to press is under the plastic which is much harder to find because of the covering. My belt is too wide, although it’s not THAT wide, to have the belt clip snap onto it. I am afraid the whole thing could slide off which would be devastation so I keep it in my pocket. I like that better anyway. I'm not a contractor. And I live in the mean streetz where people would 'run up on yall mufukaz' (for lack of a better term) if they think you have anything they want. So the phone is in my pocket. And the metal part that snaps to the belt clip is digging into me. To get my phone out it is at least 2x as hard since the mushroom shaped barb doesn’t slide easily out of a pocket. So I cut the damn thing off. When trying to take a picture the case is seen on both sides of the picture. WTF? So, I cut off the connection between the bottom and flip part of the phone and just double stick taped the cover onto the phone. Now I can take pictures and take it out of my pocket. Also, if I drop the phone and it happens to land on its either side there is NO protection whatsoever. After cutting parts of the relatively expensive case up it is almost usable. yay.
WTF? Upon inspecting the phone I just noticed that the screen is BROKEN under the case. So much for the case working like it should. And shame to the Motorola designers for having a GLASS covering for the screen. Cell phones are jewelry when they should be a pocket knife.


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