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Monday, May 01, 2006

Through writing this blog over the last semester I have realized I am a nerd. Well, I actually already knew that but looking at my posts really proves that. I saw this flash memory on today. It has a built in wifi adapter! WTF? It's the smallest memory card out (this minute at least) and it has a wireless antenna in it? The thing that usually sticks out of a laptop when it is connected to its PCMIA slot? That is crazy. Too bad no digital cameras will recognize it yet. And by the time it comes out most cameras will have wifi themselves anyway rendering this function useless. Nonetheless, small things are cute!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dont you hate when your on a team of fuckers and they never show up to meetings? WTF? Its 1 oclock and your asleep and should be at a metting for the final presentation? You phone was off and you came an hour late? Fuck y'all Bitches.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

American Inventor: A Blessing or a Curse?
It certainly seems to be the right time to be an industrial designer. Why? Because people are starting to know what that is. Design is all over TV. The new series American Inventor is a spin off of American Idol. I thought it would be interesting but it turns out only bad inventors are allowed on. Who will be the next great American Inventor? Will it be the woman who made a clip that closed stall doors when the lock is broken on them? Or the umbrella that folds up the opposite way? Who cares? The most interesting thing I found watching the show was that there must be a lot of CEO's and other business people watching this show and seeing how brutal the judges are to the inventors. I just hope my future "judges" do not take these famous judges approach and scratch any ideas that are not comfortable to them. Maybe I will start saying, 'you know that show American Inventor? Yeah I do that but I don't waste 100,000$ and 17 years on a boardgame. Oh and I make products that don't SUCK. Nonetheless, I still have been watching the show for some reason.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A blog on blogging.
Now that a blog is created every 10 seconds certain things have been happening. Some are good and some are bad. Recently, I read about a republican congressman had written an article about how great and safe Bagdahd is now. He posted a picture of a street corner. A day later multiple people had called him out on the picture being from a different country. This is the good side of blogging. The bad side is that the bloggosphere (which is a lame name) is a great big rumor-mill. A tech website recently noticed something fishy about the website The site is user posted articles which can be dugg which raises them in level to get to the front page. It was the first of its kind. The tech website noticed that a lot of stories were being dugg by the same 16 people in a row everytime which wouldn't happen. If a post is submitted and then dugg that much in the first moment it is on the site it gets raised to the front page. Someone had made 16 fake usernames and set up a little script to dig them in a row to make them on the front page. Anyone could have done this. However, Keving Rose, the creator of was instantly blamed for it. The bloggosphere excreted slander against the poor guy. WTF? We have yetr to find out what really happened. In times like these I feel like bloggers should wait to speak. Its so easy to write some crap about anything and post it (even though its doesn't seem like my class mates can handle it) without thinking about the consequences.
All i'm saying is be warry bloggers. Don't blog more than you know. You Digg?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Technology is great. It helps us do things faster and more accurately. It connects people and groups that otherwise wouldn't find each other. On the other hand, I can understand why a lot of people are afraid of it or don't want to take any part of it. Whenever a new technology gets adopted by the masses someone ends up doing something that is still illegal but now much easier to do. Or people find a way to do something that the technology wasn't ment to do that offends people. The examples are numerous: internet piracy, looking at porn on the library computer, upskirt camera phone pictures. Again, people in Japan are doing something that people find unsettling with their phones. This is not illegal and most of them have no problem with it. At a open-casket funeral as people walk by the deceased they each take turns snapping a picture of their dead friend with their phones. And these are not pictures of the funeral itself. These are face shots of a dead face, eyes closed and all. This is a little disturbing to me but I enjoy these little acts of using technology in a way that it wasnt intended. No camera phone designer thought, 'now people can take pictures of dead people without feeling as weird about it!'
Nonetheless, I am not going to stop using tech. I love that because of these new technologies people have to think critically about how they use their things more now than ever before. Should I download this movie that isn't even in theatres yet? Should I put all of my calendar information on my phone and risk losing it? Should I take a picture of my dead friend on my phone? Were all on this rollercoaster together and no one knows where it will lead. Hint: The Singularity? Its going to be an exciding lifetime.

Monday, March 27, 2006

What is Web 2.0?
Once again I am here to post a pleasant commentary about the future. My girlfriend doesn't think complaining about a different product every post if good enough. The term 'Web 2.0' has been floating around the net recently but very few people have a good idea of what it actually is. Do I have to upgrade? Does it cost extra?
In my words, Web 2.0 is a shift in page design not specifically in one direction. It is just the next step in the evolution of the internet. The interesting part may be that there is a word for it. It has been branded by America and there was a conference. Sadly, the conference made people realize that all the people that are obsessed with this distinct new internet are in fact the people who lost it all in the first dot com bust and still are hanging on to the dream. anyway....
Flickr is Web 2.0 because of its picture 'tags' which is are rletavely new way to find information. (Yahoo! Just bought Flickr and realized the bandwidth fees are enormous and the site is not profitable since it is free and only 80 people buy pictures from Flickr a month! Due Yahoo! WTF?) Hopefully they won't kill it because that would be a bad PR move. Google is Web 2.0 because of its clean look with bold type depending on the hyperlinks status on the page.
Blogging is Web 2.0 is Web 2.0
However, the most interesting web 2.0 stuff happening are sites like The site uses java and Ajax to create a free word processor on the net that you don't have to download or even register for. Go check it out. Its pretty cool. Web based software is the newest form of Web 2.0 I have seen and it will be interesting to see what kind of business model it will need to take off. So far programs over the net have been free or have failed. Keep a look out for this stuff and with the open source model for software becoming more prevelent thanks to innovative people who just want to see what a software can do that the producers haven't thought of.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

squeezebox wireless

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Here is an example of what happens when you design without whole system thinking. A elegantly designed stereo with a default remote. WTF?
Apple's keynote addresses with Job's selling the experience like there's no tomorrow is an amazing new marketing scheme. The new macbookpro is introduced and a cheer arrises from the thousands of shareholders, mac addics, software developers, etc. The news that apple is coming out with news about apple has even become news itself. everyone in the tech industry has wild speculations. For example, the last address was about "fun new products from apple" People thought it would be a new video ipod with a large touchscreen or maybe an ipod with wireless connectivity or anything else every other media player has. WTF? The event showed of a 100$ leather ipod case, and a 350$ ipod home stereo speaker as well as media center style mac minis. No one cared. Who wants an ipod cover that you have to take your ipod out of before u can use it or drop it? Who wants to listen to 128bit mp3s on a really expensive hifi set which should be playing higher bit rates so that all that expensive hardware is accutally used?
Another thing Apple is know for is leaking rumors about a new product intentionally to test the waters. A great idea, free research. Everyone is podcasting about the new idea and you havent even designed the widget yet! Recently, Microsoft had taken Apple's idea (nothing to new) and leaked their new "origami project". Sounds enticing huh? They have a ID 4 studio looking website about it and a video of people using this new handheld tablet that's smaller than a normal tablet. People were speculating about it just like Microsoft wanted, if only secretly, but Microsoft blew it. They came out and said, 'yeah its a tablet pc w/ gps and stuff isnt that cool!?' and the hubbub died. They needed to stay quiet but they couldn't. Oh well, when is the last time anyone can remember any rumors about MS hardware?
I think we are beginning to see a new marketing style. Stay on the lookout. Will people tire of Steve Job's and his MICROSOFT powerpoint presentations after they keep having more to do with upgraded hardware (since you cant do it yourself on a mac) and Belkin accessory brand products than actually new products. Time will tell.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Advertising on the internet should not be like a driveby shooting!

Monday, February 20, 2006

The March issue of Consumer Reports includes a feature article called "The Oyster Awards: CR's picks for America's hardest-to-open packages." It denounces those hard, transparent plastic clamshell packages that hang in stores--and that are next to impossible to open. Products have been designed which soul purpouse is to open packaging. First of all, WTF? Why are packages hard to open? To prevent theft? To work out the muscles of oafish Americans? I don't know. One thing is for sure though. Packaging needs to change dramatically. All packaging is landfilling trash in my book. Maybe it is good that packaging is harder to open so that the oil and chemicals that make up the plastics get to be used a few seconds more before they are wasted forever.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is an interesting article about inventing that designers should read :

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I just made an electrocuting Paris Hilton Operation Board game. There is a how-to I made for it Here

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today at the bank's outdoor ATM's there were 3 people in line behind someone getting money out of the ATM. They were fidgeting and looking like they were in a hurry. 2 of the ATM's were vacant. I asked the person in front of me what was wrong with the other 2 machines and she said, "That one won't give no cash, and the other one is in the sun." These people didn't want to stand in the sun? I realized it was because the screen was bleached out because of the sun's glare. So what did I do in all of my Industrial Design wisdom? I stood in front of it. No glare! It must be a miracle from the catholic church! I got some cash, and left those losers to rot.
So, I was left wondering? Is this a design problem that IDers should address? Or is this a problem that has to do with cracked out people in my neighborhood not knowing about how light travels? WTF?
Day after day I say aloud to myself, "How does a designer make this easier for this person?" Of course, the person struggling to open the milk carton or adjust their seat doesn't like me saying this which proves that people don't like when their products don't work 100% intuitively. There must be a middleground
bad design kills, mediocre design frustrates/denigrates
Then again, there are a lot of people that can't control their fingers as well as their primate heritage suggests.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

iPod, SLVR, RAZR, MaxxBass, inMotion iMplus = WTF?
My girl says my blog is all ranting and maybe it is but this capitalization 1337 h4x0r stuff has to stop! Nerds do this because they are poking fun at their nerdyness. Your product will NOT be the next iPod if you start with a lowercase letter followed by an uppercase. We know your company wants to be like the cool kids but by just copying their symantics only just proves you're a N00b. (my guess is altec lansing, motorola, and other perps don't know what that means which means you shouldnt be using this dumb ) The new Motorola SLVR,for example. It's color is what? SiLVeR. correct. How do you say it? ...sliver. because its small. I thought it was silver for too long. LoL brb afk j/k, rofl! I should note that the title of my blog is one of these time-saving 2000isms so i suppose i cant judge. Nonetheless, naming your product something that people have to decifer is not a sound technique.

Monday, February 06, 2006

This is why we need designers

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This scene is a few feet away from my house. I walk my dog to this park where homeless people hang out and drink. A day before this picture was taken that KFC bucket was filled with some type of motor oil and left there. Since then it has been kicked over into the drainage area to go into the bay. My dog wants to lick it. And i thought him chocking on the 100's of chicken bones on the streets of Oakland was bad...
So my question is: Do people not know any better? I think they do. I have talked to a lot of people who think that we are a dead species walking. So they are on a mission to help the planet out by trying to get rid of the plague that is humans. It sounds crazy but I think this is going to be the trend for the people who think they can’t make a difference. Live fast-Die young. Thanks a lot Oakland.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

30 ways to be more creative!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

sandisk usb sd

sandisk usb sd
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Finally, flash ram has become so miniaturized that we can have the usb connection as part of the device. Bluetooth will still take over though.
I received a 19$ cell phone case for my trendy new Razr phone for Christmas. It was a nice present but it illustrates a design flaw I see a lot. Especially in after-market separate brand add-ons. (For lack of a better term) The design is stylish, black synthetic rubber with white stitching. It came with 2 separate designs of belt clips. One black and one clear. (dell and mac inspired?) However, the problems come when trying to use the phone with the case on it. With the case off the outside screen can be read when the phone is tilted at the right direction. This is excellent because you don’t have to push a button which requires an extra step and this also reduces the battery charge over time. With the clear plastic coating over this screen it is almost impossible to see it without pressing a button to backlight the LCD. The button that you have to press is under the plastic which is much harder to find because of the covering. My belt is too wide, although it’s not THAT wide, to have the belt clip snap onto it. I am afraid the whole thing could slide off which would be devastation so I keep it in my pocket. I like that better anyway. I'm not a contractor. And I live in the mean streetz where people would 'run up on yall mufukaz' (for lack of a better term) if they think you have anything they want. So the phone is in my pocket. And the metal part that snaps to the belt clip is digging into me. To get my phone out it is at least 2x as hard since the mushroom shaped barb doesn’t slide easily out of a pocket. So I cut the damn thing off. When trying to take a picture the case is seen on both sides of the picture. WTF? So, I cut off the connection between the bottom and flip part of the phone and just double stick taped the cover onto the phone. Now I can take pictures and take it out of my pocket. Also, if I drop the phone and it happens to land on its either side there is NO protection whatsoever. After cutting parts of the relatively expensive case up it is almost usable. yay.
WTF? Upon inspecting the phone I just noticed that the screen is BROKEN under the case. So much for the case working like it should. And shame to the Motorola designers for having a GLASS covering for the screen. Cell phones are jewelry when they should be a pocket knife.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

"With his young discipline and systems consciousness he may find a home in Vericorp one day." -Spalding Gray in True Stories

"Someone said freeways are the cathedrals of our time...I didn't." -David Byrne

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Originally woot was what a nerd playing an internet game such as counterstrike would yell/type when he was "owning" other people. Now the name has become the name of an underground phenomenon/business model on the internet. It is as brilliant as it is simple. is a site where one 'woot' or product is sold for 24 hrs. They are usually overstock or refurbished electronics. The prices are incredible and they always sellout before the day is over. The description of the product is hilarious and sometimes the product has an 'industrial design' category for its plastic type and stuff. What a brilliant way to get rid of a pallet or two of overstock or last year’s model! I look at it everyday so I don’t miss out. Woot!
Sites of interest this week:

The standards first:
This usually takes about 2 hrs a day.

This weeks hotspots:
This site is a weblog of news about technology that we will not get the pleasure to use for a looooong time in the USA. Today: a 4gb phone! WTF!!!
During January i was staying at a cabin in Central Oregon. I go there often. I demand no clocks and no cell phones from whoever is there. (Not that there is any reception anyway)
I received a call from a "man with disabilities." He begged me to buy light bulbs from him for the rest of my life. I was interested in the way he was trying to do business so I stayed on the phone to please him. He would send a few and whenever they burned out more would be delivered to my house.
I told him that I didn’t want to place an order now but I would look at a website of the company later. There was no website. He said if there was he wouldn’t make any money. So I started to explain to him why the whole idea was crazy from an Industrial Designers’ perspective. I explained that in the next few years companies like Philips would be unveiling the first home socket use LED lights. The man with disabilities of course was lost and told me that if I didn’t want his light bulbs in the first place I should have told him so I wouldn’t waste his "Goddamn Time." Sadly, there was no time at the cabin.

cca loewy
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